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The tragic attack of June 12 in Orlando has sent our entire nation and world reeling into grief. We cannot ignore the fact that this horrific event was planned for a specific time where hundreds of our family members were gathered in joyful celebration in a place where they felt safe. We speak out today as a reminder that it was no accident that Latin Night was the designated time to take the lives of so many of our beloved siblings.
We claim and celebrate our unity as well as our rich diversity as members of LATINO, LATINA, LATINX, and LGBTIQ communities. We are primarily connected by a common language that, when spoken, may sound different to the ears of the listener. Our various cultures are very much a part of this nation, often bound by the pain of having to leave our homelands to come to a land where our dreams and hopes are oftentimes suppressed because of racial and cultural discrimination. However, our strong faith in God leads us to the hope that there is a promised land where people of all races, cultures, and orientations will become one new humanity in Jesus Christ.
OUR PULSE is the center of our Latin heritage, like the beat of a drum, giving strength through our common blood line; the vessel that streams energy and love through our individual and collective body. As is our tradition, we will mourn and wail with the surviving families. We stand ready to provide support to those who have pleaded for culturally and language competent spiritual support at this time. We join with the United Church of Christ on this journey of confession, repentance, forgiveness, and healing. As Christians, we will not rest until hope and love are fully realized in all our communities.
We are Latinx
We are Allies
We are the United Church of Christ
El trágico ataque del 12 de junio en Orlando ha enviado a toda nuestra nación y al mundo tamboleando en dolor. No podemos ignorar el hecho de que este terrible evento fue planificado durante un tiempo específico en el que cientos de nuestros familiares se reunieron en una celebración alegre en un lugar donde se sentían segur@s. Hablamos hoy como recordatorio de que no fue un accidente que Noche Latina fue el tiempo designado para tomar las vidas de muchos de nuestr@s querid@/xs herman@/xs.
Reclamamos y celebramos nuestra unidad, así como nuestra rica diversidad como miembros de las comunidades LATINAS, LATINOS, LATINX Y LGBTQI. Estamos conectados principalmente por un lenguaje común que, cuando se habla, puede sonar diferente a los oídos del oyente. Nuestras diversas culturas son una parte muy importante de esta nación, a menudo unidos por el dolor de tener tenido que dejar nuestros países de origen para venir a una tierra donde los sueños y esperanzas han sido suprimidos en muchas ocasiones debido a la discriminación racial y cultural. Sin embargo, nuestra fe firme en Dios nos lleva a la esperanza de que hay una tierra prometida donde las personas de todas las razas, culturas y orientaciones se convertirán en una humanidad nueva en Jesucristo.
NUESTRO PULSO es el centro de nuestra herencia Latina, tocando como tambor, dando fuerza a través de nuestro linaje; el buque que transmite energía y amor a través de nuestro cuerpo individual y colectivo. Como es nuestra tradición, vamos a llorar y lamentar con las familias sobrevivientes. En este momento esamos preparados para responder al clamor de aquellos que han pedido apoyo competente. Estamos prepared@s para proporcionar apoyo de una manera competente en terminos de cultura, language y apoyo espiritual. Nos unimos a la Iglesia Unida de Cristo en este camino de confesión, arrepentimiento, perdón, y sanidad. Como cristianos, seguiremos sin decanso promoviendo hasta que esperanza y amor se realiza en todos de nuestros comunidades.
Somos Latinx
Somos Aliadas/os
Somos la Iglesia Unida de Cristo
Equipo Liderazgo – Ministerio de Transición Latin@/x y LGBTQI de la UCC
UCC Leadership Team Latin@, Latinx, LGBTIQ Transition Ministry
Maritza Angulo de Gonzalez (West Hartford, CT)
Linda Jaramillo (Portland, OR)
David Mateo (Chapel Hill, NC)
Elivette Mendez Angulo (West Hartford, CT)
Roberto Ochoa (Worcester, Mass)
Marilyn Pagán-Banks (Chicago, IL)
Yinessa Romero (Dallas, TX)
Nancy Rosas (Denver, CO)

Dinner and Games on June 10th

Friday, June 10th from 6-9pm

Homemade Pasta Dinner and Game Night at Center Church in Hartford!
$3 donation suggested (NYE Fundraising)

Spirit Spirited Wednesday for June 1, 2016

The Rev. Dr. Maritza I. Angulo de GonzálezPastor, Manantial de Gracia “Spring of Grace” UCC
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June 1, 2016

Leaning On
A reflection by the Rev. Dr. Maritza Angulo de González.

Scripture: 1 KINGS 17:8-16 (GW)

Then the Lord spoke his word to Elijah: “Get up, go to Zarephath (which belongs to Sidon), and stay there. I’ve commanded a widow there to feed you.” He got up and went to Zarephath. As he came to the town’s entrance, a widow was gathering wood. He called to her, “Please bring me a drink of water.” As she was going to get it, he called to her again, “Please bring me a piece of bread too.” She said, “I solemnly swear, as the Lord your God lives, I didn’t bake any bread. I have one handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug. I’m gathering wood. I’m going to prepare something for myself and my son so that we can eat it and then die.” Then Elijah told her, “Don’t be afraid. Go home, and do as you’ve said. But first make a small loaf and bring it to me. Then prepare something for yourself and your son. This is what the Lord God of Israel says: Until the Lord sends rain on the land, the jar of flour will never be empty and the jug will always contain oil.” She did what Elijah had told her. So she, Elijah, and her family had food for a long time. The jar of flour never became empty, and the jug always contained olive oil, as the Lord had promised through Elijah.


Have you ever felt like you are in that place were you are being refined, transformed, restored, and your trust in God gets wonderstruck?

Several years ago I spent time as a missionary in a place that some would consider a poverty stricken country, with a family that had very limited water, let alone food to feed their children or much less to feed an additional mouth. Every morning we would wake up and think about what we would be eating that day. And each morning the answer was the same, “Tortas a Tres Tiempos” –Tortillas at Three Times. Literally, this means that we would be mixing water and flour and preparing tortillas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The time used to prepare the flour was an excellent time to minister to the needs of the community. That was the commitment. Every morning: wake up, get up, bring down water from the cistern, find enough flour and prepare food for the day.

We learned to trust that each of us would do our part, and we leaned heavenly on our trust in God. I learned the blessing of shared passions and commitments. This family obeyed God’s command and so do I: we ministered to each other and we shared our meals, both the physical and the spiritual.

In this mostly comfortable country and in this mostly safe reality, how are you leaning on God and how are you sharing your meals? God asks it of each of us.

Creator God, thank you for teaching me to survive. Amen.

The Rev. Dr. Maritza Angulo de González is Co-Pastor of Manantial de Gracia “Spring of Grace” in West Hartford. She is also a member of the United Church of Christ Board of Directors.

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Shades of Grey

Engaging the Word Summer Bible Study Series: Shades of Grey
A small women’s group made up of ladies who might be (1) dealing with criticism for reading anything that is not the Bible, (2) who are interested in talking about what the Bible “might” say about sexuality and consent, (3) who have struggled with engaging the Bible in every day life.
During the month of June, please read Book 1 and keep a notebook of ideas/concepts you struggle with. Write down any Biblical moments you are reminded of. For example Wealthy King David and his conquest of Bathsheba.
Please remember: success is found not in reading the book, but rather you have already succeeded by reaching out of your comfort zone by thinking, processing, analyzing.
Please email Pastor Elly at with your intentions of joining us on this series. We will meet for a 1hour group session at the end of the month. But I am only a message away if you have any questions!  
Please join us in prayer.

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