DIA 21 Orar por la familia pastoral – Pray for the pastoral family

Mark 14:63-64 “What is your decision?”

Ahi, me dolió! Esa mañana la calle, el driveway y la acera estaban llenas de nieve. El hombre de mi casa estaba enfermo pero decidió salir, en contra de todas mis lengueterias, a palear. Claro yo me fui afuera con el. Y nos fuimos en un viaje a traves de la calle, limpiando porque “este está enfermo, aquella es una mujer sola con hijas y no tiene una maquina. Creo que todos oyeron mis gritos “metete a tu casa, deja de ayudar a todo el vecindario… si estiras la pata entonces yo voy a ser una viuda, sola y con un monton de nieve para limpiar.” Todavia puedo escuchar sus risas al tomar mi cara en sus manos y decirme “mamita, ayer oramos por los desamparados… existe mucha gente que no está fisicamente desamparada pero sus corazones estan llenos de dolor porque han sido desamparados y han permitido que sus sentimientos empañen su gozo.” Esto de celebrar la cuaresma trae mucha reflexion y aprendizaje.

Jesus, help me to make decisions that support your call for justice, even if I have to walk down the street paleando nieve por los enfermos, por las viudas, por las mujeres que estan solas y a gozarme en el proceso. Amén.

Mark 14: 63-64 “What is your decision?”

There, it hurt! That morning the street, the driveway and the sidewalk were full of snow. The man in my house was sick but decided to go out, against all my arguments, to shovel. Of course I went outside with him. And we went on a trip across the street, cleaning up because “this one is sick, that is a woman alone with daughters and does not have a machine. I think everyone heard my screams “get in the house, stop helping the whole neighborhood … if you died then I will be a widow, alone and with a lot of snow to clean up.” I can still hear his laugh when taking my face in his hands, he told me “Mamita, yesterday we prayed for the homeless … there are many people who are not physically helpless but their hearts are full of pain because they have been helpless and have allowed their feelings to blur their joy.” The celebration of Lent brings a lot of reflection and learning!


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